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Guided Meditations

This is a new page dedicated to meditations and other videos that I feel you may enjoy and be helpful to your practice. Please feel free to like, comment, subscribe and share as it helps the algorithms to reach others who may find them helpful. Enjoy!!


Identifying Self-Judgement & Nurturing Self-Compassion - 8th August 2023

Let me guide you through this mindfulness meditation to recognise where there may be self-judgement and then, nurturing your self-compassion. Without bringing awareness to that which is unconscious, we would not be able to take action to heal or change it. It is a wonderful way to gently bring to the surface limiting insecurities and heal them through acceptance and care.

Tree of Knowledge Meditation - 2nd August 2023

Let me guide you on a mind journey to your own personal tree of knowledge, where you may find an answer to a question you may have.... This is my first guided meditation and would really like to hear your comments on what could be improved, what you liked and any requests for further content. Please like, subscribe, comment, share and click the notification bell to become aware when new content has been uploaded. I hope you enjoy!!