What Students Say....

5* Wish I had 6 stars, an amazing week away at Buckland House learning Reiki Master level with Amanda White. She was quite brilliant, and teaches both Japanese and Western Reiki, so many teachers just teach Western Lineage. She is incredibly thorough in all her research, and knows this subject so well. I learnt so much more than I expected, and would not want anyone else to teach me, I really can`t wait to learn more. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to learn Reiki at any level.

Giselle, Surrey

5* I just finished master course with Amanda. I was looking for a master that will have the time to talk explain and go trough any unclear details with me personally and in the group.And indication of her always genuinely felt approach before the master course was confirmed.
She went with me before the master course trough any missing part of my knowledge { that was rushed over in previous courses by other master} to get me ready for the last stage all without any extra payment.
All that wants confirmed,reinforced by the direct experience during the course.Amanda is relaxed without any ego to prevent her to go up and down to any level of her student and doesn't consider herself as some master but always maintain that is constantly learning and that include our experiences and insights and that her major message is that the course itself is only the spark that start the fire but it is our personal journey afterwards the care for it.
On practical level the course was well prepared. Starting with a dreamlike location. Each person had plenty space to relaxed. Meals were prepared during the whole day. So there was no distraction from the task we all were there.
Amanda took extra care of choosing the best suitable rooms for different tasks. It was such good choice that the attunement was done in separate space that will be now linked the space infinity opening experience.
The whole event was even more growing afterwards just seeing the effect on Amanda herself on the others.
You could see the energy also working before the course as it choose the most genuine caring people without being too sweet or spaced out or too physical but just wanting to know.
Any last confusion how to use and care for Reiki energy was blown away
and I am so grateful Amanda for the amazing you gave me.
If you feel your current master is too businesslike cool detached without time to spend with you then Amanda is your choice.

J Pluhar, London

5 * I passed my level 2 level with Amanda and I can only say I'm lucky to have met her! She's a amazing reiki teacher, very professional and She turned a hole weekend of learning in to a very enjoyable experience.

Farzaneh, Surrey

5* Just had the most amazing weekend learning Reiki 1 with Amanda White at the Reiki Academy Surrey. Excellent teacher, very professional and caring approach, made sure we understood all the elements of Reiki Level 1 and we had plenty of time to do the practical work. Well worth it.

Giselle, Surrey

I contacted Amanda to book an appointment for the treatment. When I visited her home in Surrey she welcomed me at the door and we chatted over warm cup of tea. The chat was mostly related to my health issues and well being, advice were given. I was amazed she was able to pick up some of my health issues straight away. I had an hour treatment, I felt very much better the following days after the treatment and some of the serious problems like my shoulder pain was disappeared.

With entrust of her successful Reiki treatments I also completed 1st degree of Reiki. We were four ladies together did really enjoy the weekend attuned into Reiki as well as beautiful vegetarian course meal and beautiful selection of the tea were one of my high light of the day.
Christine, Surrey

Amanda is warm, down to earth and a wonderful teacher. I feel honoured I chose her as my Reiki Master. Her teaching style is informal, patient and thorough. I'm very much looking forward to learning so much more on my journey of Reiki.

Pam, Cobham 

5 * Amanda is very knowledgable about reiki. This, combined with her passion for all things spiritual, makes for a very caring and nurturing environment. If you are interested in learning about reiki Amanda’s courses are first rate.

Klaire, Surrey

You have created a haven for the weary and stressed and I wish you continued success in reaching out to those who need you. Amanda - it is honestly what I have experienced on the Reiki courses and at the Shares. You have a lovely warm personality that immediately puts people at ease and an amazing gift that brings peace to the troubled and direction to all your students for a better way.
Jenny, Hampshire

Amanda is an amazing teacher and therapist.
I have completed level 1 reiki with her and I’m looking forward in taking level 2 later this year .
Her compassion , understanding and passion for teaching is what makes her stand out from the rest .
I would highly recommend her to train with.
Gina, Brighton

5* I highly recommend Amanda Whites reiki treatments that healed myself on emotional, physical and spiritual levels. I gained new insight into my improved health. Mentally I felt my thoughts were clearer and blockages were disolved regarding my self esteem and believe in myself. I am now following my dreams that I feel deeply connected to. Amanda has a kind warm energy and was able to discuss with me clearly issues that were presenting and healing during the treatments. I brought friends treatment gift vouchers as I was so confident with her ability to heal and improve health. 

Julia Clode RGN, Surrey

What Clients Say...

5 * I have been privileged to receive both in person and distance Reiki from Amanda. Amanda is very friendly, calm and professional. She is very intuitive and caring. I always feel relaxed and much better after a gentle yet powerful treatment. My sleep is always better too.

Becky, Hampton

5 * Something led me to Amanda at the time I needed it most, as soon as we started speaking I knew she was a kind healing woman and booked in with her. 
Arrived at her beautiful home in a scenic location and she made me feel instantly at ease, lots of talking and gaining information and no rush or being made to feel like just another a job like some practitioners may do. 
My treatment was a very powerful experience, yet led me to one of the most relaxed states I have ever been in. 
Felt amazing after, like me but on a really good day, and am going to be working on keeping that vibe. 
If I loose it I will be booking back in with this truly gifted woman.

Dan, Sutton

5* Amazing, calming, relaxing. More treatments booked xx

Nicky, East Horsley

I wasn't sure what to expect when I had my first Reiki session with Amanda, but I need not have worried as her warmth and professionalism made me feel at ease straight away. Since then, I have had several treatments with Amanda, all of which have really helped and I seem a lot happier and calmer in myself. I have a very busy and hectic job and having a session at the end of the week, really gives me something to look forward to. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Jennifer, London

5* For me Amanda's distant session was one of the most powerful Reiki treatments I ever experienced. I believe this is due to Amanda's genuine loving presence, and her ability to get out of the way to allow Reiki to flow in its purest form.

The days following her treatment, a major energy shift in my body and awareness took place. I felt incredibly lighter and brighter as if a heavy fog had been lifted from my energy field. Overall I now just feel more alive and vitalized, and my goals appear crystal clear.
I can't recommend her enough, Amanda is the purest expression of dedication, love and kindness.

Penelope, France

Amanda has a lovely energy about her; it is soft, gentile and welcoming. Her intuition works wonders with Reiki. Amanda picked up on a sciatic nerve, I have in my back by placing her hands on my stomach and was able to identify which side has the issue. The Spiritual connection Amanda has with Spirit and the healing rays make the treatment - heaven on earth like. Know you are protected and safe. Thank you Amanda.

Felicia, London

5* Amanda is probably the most intuitive person I know, and is deeply spiritual with a sensitive and relaxing honesty about her.

She genuinely seeks to support her clients and gives a thorough explanation of the session and what came up in a positive and supporting way.

No need to feel aprehensive, Amanda gives a warm welcome, and always offers her very best. She is such a kind and giving person and will absolutely give you her very best, every single time she sees you.

Sarah, Effingham

5 * Amanda is an incredibly intuitive and caring soul and she gives so much in every treatment. I have had two sessions with Amanda now and the difference in my well being is profound. Amanda seems to know exactly what a person needs for healing and balancing. My energy levels were at an all time low and she has restored my vitality as well as taking the time to explain and guide me through what I am experiencing. I am so grateful to Amanda and couldn't recommend her highly enough!

Kat, Bookham

5* Calming, caring and professional - I’d been suffering with some physical and emotional issues which traditional medication hadn’t dealt with. I researched alternative medicines and decided to try Reiki. I think I have been very fortunate to find Amanda who was very patient answering all my questions and made me very at ease in her practice. It was easy to find, no busy town centre driving or parking issues. The treatment lasted an hour. Throughout Amanda had a very friendly, calming demeanour whilst also instilling confidence in me with her professionalism. At the end of the treatment I saw a marked improvement with my historical ailments. I will definitely be revisiting to see if Amanda can help me more.
Mike, Berkshire

Amanda is incredible! I cannot recommend her enough! Amanda takes time, is open, warm and makes you feel at ease. She has helped me through some challenges with this wonderful healing practice, and I always leave feel lighter and more able live in the moment. If you have not tried Reiki and are curious, or if you’re looking for a practioner book a treatment with this lovely lady!

Lucy, Surrey

I would like to really thank Amanda White for the distance healing Reiki treatment I received recently. You heard it right, Distant healing is possible and it works out well. You could be hundreds of miles away, but it makes no difference. The Reiki energy will come to you and treat you.
It was my first time experience. I felt deeply relaxed and uplifted. My body got cleansed as part of the healing process which is a good sign. The best part was when she got insights about my physical health and already knew what problem I was facing currently. She's located in UK and me in India and still she could treat me, know my current state and heal me perfectly even when we don't know each other at all. Its unbelievable and magical.
At the end of the treatment, I felt refreshed with a more positive, balanced outlook. Glad to receive the treatment and blessed to be connected with her.
Ask Amanda for more precise details and understanding.

Robert, India 

Had a wonderful Reiki Treatment with Amanda. Being new to Reiki I was not sure what to expect, however I was recommended AJ White Reiki through a friend and I must say I shall be going back. Her understanding and knowledge together with her dedication she really made me feel comfortable and relaxed. The treatments are affordable and I will say it definately worked for me....I am hoping to be able to study her courses in the near future as I know this will be of great benefit to myself and my animals. Thank you AJ Reiki.

Jo, Surrey